Guidelines for comprehensive mental health services for older adults in Canada

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Lignes directrices relatives à la planification et à la prestation de services complets en santé mentale pour les aînés Canadiens
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Penny MacCourt
Kimberley Wilson
Marie-France Tourigny-Rivard
The Mental Health Commission of Canada
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Calgary AB

Presents a model for a comprehensive, integrated mental health service system for older Canadians, as well as service benchmarks to provide concrete reference points for planning purposes. The model and benchmarks are considered within the context of guiding values and principles important to Canadian seniors, as well as key concepts such as mental health prevention, promotion, and recovery.  Intended to support policy makers, service planners, and advocacy organizations working to ensure that older Canadians (both those living with a mental health problem or illness and those at risk of developing one) receive the range of supports they need.

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Includes bibliographical references. Includes an interactive version, a summary and the full report as a PDF.