Echo examines alcohol treatment services for women

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In Canada, alcohol use is on the rise with women’s consumption catching up to men’s. Studies have found that the impact of alcohol use on men and women is not equal and that high alcohol consumption comes with harsher impacts for women and increased risk for experiencing alcohol-related problems. Ontario has effective gender-sensitive treatment services, but services are not available to women in all regions of the province. There are also many barriers that interfere with women seeking help for alcohol misuse, such as stigma.  Some women, for example, fear disclosing their alcohol use may result in their children being taken from them.

In 2011, Echo: Improving Women’s Health in Ontario assembled a group of leaders to serve as members of Echo’s Expert Panel on Women and Alcohol Use. The Expert Panel worked to identify the current supports available to Ontario women, current best practices, and key recommendations regarding treatment services for women with problematic alcohol use.

The report, Expert Panel Report on Women & Alcohol is now available for download.

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