Highlights of Breast cancer screening : women’s experience of awaiting a diagnosis

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Dépistage du cancer du sein : ce que vivent les femmes en attente d'un diagnostic
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Patricia Pineault
Lise Goulet
Isabelle Mimeault
Réseau québécois d'action pour la santé des femmes
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Montreal, QC

Discusses a study done in 2003 of women in Montreal who were waiting the results of their breast cancer screening. All participants received abnormal mammographic screening results and had to undergo additional examinations before obtaining the final diagnosis received an evaluation questionnaire.

The conclusions of the RQASF’s evaluation coincide with other research on anxiety experienced by women during the breast cancer screening and investigation process. Of particular note is that while the support of family and friends comforts women, it does not significantly reduce the level of anxiety of participants in the screening program.Only early support from health professionals diminishes their anxiety and prevents it from continuing through the subsequent stages. The fundamental role of physicians in providing support to women was strikingly clear. Another major element is the close relationship between emotional and informational support.

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ISBN 2-923269-03-9
Includes bibliographical references.