Power Study launches Older Women’s Health Report

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The POWER Study in Ontario launched their Older Women’s Health Report this week. The report notes that “Aging is an important women’s health issue. Canada’s aging population is presenting unique challenges to the health system on multiple fronts. Women comprise the majority of the older population and have different patterns of illness and health needs than men.”

The report also notes that “Older women are more likely to have a greater burden of illness including multiple chronic conditions, more functional limitations, and a higher prevalence of disability then older men. Therefore, the mismatch between the way health and supportive care services are organized and the needs of older adults disproportionately impacts women.”

 To download the report and summary, visit their website.

Note: For more information about the current evidence on women, health and aging, CWHN has created a new primer that links to an array of high quality Canadian and international resources.  We have included resources that address not only specific illnesses of the elderly, but also the social and economic implications of aging. See CWHN’s primer Aging, Women and Health.