Voices of our sisters in spirit: a report to families and communities

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Les voix de nos soeurs par l'esprit : un rapport aux familles et aux communautés
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Second edition
Native Women’s Association of Canada
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Summarizes information gained through interviews with participating families about their missing or murdered loved ones, as well as demographic and statistical research. The interviews use a story telling methodology based on a life cycle approach to share the life stories of these Aboriginal women and girls. The investment of family members and NWAC staff in building authentic and sincere relationships adheres to the ethical requirements of conducting research in an Aboriginal context. The life stories are placed within the broader framework of other work conducted through the Sisters In Sprit initiative and serve to confirm conclusions based on other research, illustrate common themes, inform policy recommendations and identify future directions for further investigation.

The Sisters In Spirit initiative is a multi-year research, education and policy initiative funded by Status of Women Canada. The initiative is designed to address the disturbing numbers of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls in Canada.

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