Human papillomavirus, vaccines and women's health: questions and cautions

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Virus du papillome humain, vaccins et santé des femmes : questions et avertissements
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Abby Lippman, PhD
Ryan Melnychuk, PhD
Carolyn Shimmin, BJ
Madeline Boscoe, R.N., D.U.
177 (5)
Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)
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August 28, 2007
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Ottawa, ON

Details numerous safety concerns with the Gardsail vaccination, which is currently offered for free to young girls in Canada, mostly between the ages of 9-12, as a protection against some forms of the human papillomavirus (HPV) which can cause cervical cancer. Summarizes some of the major questions and concerns that the authors felt needed to be addressed before there was a full-scale roll-out of an HPV vaccination program.

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