Toward Recovery and Well-Being: a framework for a Mental Health Strategy for Canada

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Mental Health Commission of Canada
Mental Health Commission of Canada
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November 2009

This document presents seven goals that are designed to capture the elements that need to be addressed if we are to succeed in building a genuine mental health system in Canada. These goals reflect extensive input from people living in Canada from coast to coast to coast.  The goals define the basic shape of what a transformed mental health system will look like – one that can operate as a genuine system.  The goals provide the structure for developing a more detailed mental health strategy that will address the many specific issues that confront different constituencies and various segments of the population. These goals lay out the key assumptions, concepts, and values that inform our vision of a transformed system.  Each of the seven goals examines one dimension of a transformed mental health system, yet is also closely tied to all the other goals. Together, this set of interconnected goals defines what it will take to have a system that is oriented toward both enabling the recovery of people living with mental health problems and illnesses and fostering the mental health and well-being of everyone living in Canada.




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