Roundtable on the state of maternity and newborn care in Prince Edward Island

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Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Womens' Health (ACEWH)
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Prepared by Patsy Beattie-Huggan, The Quaich Inc.
Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women's Health
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Halifax, NS

The Roundtable was co-hosted by the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women's Health, with the Birthing Options Research Network, in partnership with the PEI Women's Network on February 21, 2004.

The objectives were to exchange ideas and develop strategies for ensuring that women on PEI receive the most appropriate primary maternity care. Participants were asked to discuss the current maternity and newborn care options available; how these options fit/or don't with the National Guidelines for Family-Centred and Newborn Care; how to improve primary maternity care; and how to ensure that the care is the most appropriate provided by the most appropriate provider thus opening up a discussion of doulas and midwives.

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