In her own words: How I dealt with grief and depression

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By Angela Bischoff

The police greeted me at the door with the news of my husband's suicide. The pain is still palpable two years later. The grief takes over in waves.

In touching his death, I welcomed my own. Thankfully I made it through those darks days, and am motivated to live and contribute once again. I chose to do it without drugs.

I relied on one girlfriend who called me every other day for the first six months, to help me process my feelings and experiences. She was loving, skilled, patient and generous. I also had weekly visits with a very compassionate therapist that taught me coping skills.

I openly grieved. I read books on spirituality and life-after-death, getting the most comfort from learning about near-death-experiences. I immersed myself back into work six weeks later.

I took immaculate care of my body, instinctively giving up all drugs such as sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods. I cooked my own organic, whole food and drank several pots of herbal tea daily. I journalled. I exercised daily (cycling to work and yoga practice).

I learned about the connection between antidepressant drugs and suicide, and used all my activist skills to share the information. By transforming my pain into knowledge that might help others avoid a similar tragedy, I found meaning in my partner’s death.


After the death of her partner Tooker Gomberg due to pharma-induced suicide, Angela immersed herself in issues of mental health, sustainable activism, big-pharma, and the potential dangers of anti-depressant drugs. She is currently writing, researching, networking and speaking about these issues.

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