Work, Kids, Family: Coping with Stress

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“How do I cope with my work, my children, my partner… my busy life?” The short answer to this complex question is to begin by nurturing yourself. As a woman, you probably take care of others every day, and are expected to try to meet everyone else's needs before you meet your own. You may even wonder if you have a right to your own needs and desires. There is no reason to feel guilty about taking good care of yourself. Self-care is not selfish–it is a necessity.

If you are feeling like you are on a treadmill, you are probably doing too much! Here are some ways you can begin to change your situation:

  • Identify your sources of stress and cut out what you can.
  • Learn to say “no.”
  • Seek and accept help.
  • Look at the number of activities that you and your family are in. Is your family getting enough rest? Are you enjoying what you are doing?
  • Take time to look after your personal relationships.
  • Make sure you get private time for yourself.
  • Eat well and get exercise.
  • Learn relaxation techniques that work for you (for example, yoga or meditation).
  • Learn to let go of frustration.
  • Develop a support system of people who can be there for you when you need it.
  • Keep your sense of humour!

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