Girls Action Foundation

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It is with enthusiasm and excitement that POWER Camp National-Filles d’action officially announce our new name:  Fondation filles d’action – Girls Action Foundation.

 POWER Camp National-Filles d’action has filled an important gap in girls’ education across Canada, becoming a leading national organization for girls and young women in the process.  We have chosen to bring our English name in line with our French one as “girls learning through action” is truly at the heart of the work that we do. From girls programs and media arts trainings to leadership skill-building and train-the-trainers programs, action has always been a central element of our approach, who we are and what we are known for.

By adding “foundation” we are also reflecting our active role in providing resources to girls’ programs and young women. We believe that “Fondation Filles d’action – Girls Action Foundation” better communicates and makes clear to our community, our friends, our supporters and the community at large what we are about.

As we continue to grow and increase our impact, engaging girls and young women in finding and using their voices, we contribute to building a world of social justice and hope for the future!  Come take a look at our new Website.