Appeal by health professionals for independence of the World Health Organization

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The APPEAL BY HEALTH PROFESSIONALS FOR THE INDEPENDENCE OF W.H.O. was launched in Geneva on Friday 30th November 2007 by Health professionals, with representatives from all the main branches of the profession, equal numbers of men and women, and at least one representative from each continent. They urge that the World Health Organisation, in accordance with its constitution, recover its full independence, notably in the field of ionising radiation.

It is urgent to study the health effects of chronic low dose radiation resulting from prolonged ingestion of artificial radionuclides, so that adequate and effective health assistance can at last be provided to exposed populations still living in highly contaminated areas. Medical assistance must be coordinated independently by the WHO, which is the international health authority.

The Appeal also aims to enlighten and inform all health professionals worldwide about the true health consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe in highly contaminated areas.

More information is available or sign the declaration on line.