2007 Campaign Launch - International Day Against Homophobia

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May 2, 2007

Are people born gay or lesbian? Sexual orientation is not a choice

For the International Day Against Homophobia on next May 17, Fondation Émergence is launching its annual awareness campaign. This leads us to ask: Is being gay a question of nature or nurture? So far to date, science has proven itself incapable of providing a definite answer with some sort of consensus. However, there is agreement on one fact: sexual orientation is not a choice. It's this fact that inspired this year's campaign theme.

When it comes to sexual orientation, it's not rare to hear someone say "I respect your choice." Well no, it's not a choice. It's no more a choice than people's skin or eye color is. The campaign's theme Sexual orientation is not a choice is illustrated through the image of a newborn baby wearing a hospital wristband that has HOMOSEXU.written on it. This bold image definitely raises questions. Whether sexual orientation is due to nature or nurture has no bearing on gays' and lesbians' lives; some day they will discover and become aware of it. In this aspect, they are not different from heterosexuals.

Mr. Laurent McCutcheon, President of Fondation Émergence, said he hopes that "people's realizing that sexual orientation is not a choice will be enough to put an end to homophobia, which is the main goal of this campaign. "

Specifically for various outreach workers in the education field, the material for this campaign is intended to be educational. The pamphlets provide a large quantity of information on sexual orientation. Teachers, other professionals, parents and all of society will also find a list of resources and educational tools. The posters and pamphlets, in English and in French, are being distributed in communities and can also be ordered from Fondation Émergence through its website for the Day at www.homophobiaday.org.

Let us remind you that May 17 will be the International Day Against Homophobia. We're inviting the media to place this event on their agendas, schools to hold awareness activities, community organisations to set up activities, and public institutions to pass resolutions in support and to fly the rainbow flag.

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For more information, please contact:
Richard Rancourt, Director of Communications
514-866-6788, cellular: 514-705-2050
Laurent McCutcheon, President, 514-522-7614