Spousal Abuse Counseling Program: Manual for Counselors: Rankin Inlet, Nunavut

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Pulaarvik Kablu Friendship Centre, 2006

This manual is used as a guide for group counselling under the Rankin Inlet Spousal Abuse Counseling Program. The goals of the program are:

•  Reducing incidence of domestic violence and spousal abuse in the community.

•  Paramount consideration of the safety of the victims and families as well as the needs of the persons who abuse through the operation of a different counseling program for each.

•  Operating the program with input and support from the community, particularly from respected Elders, so that it suits the needs of the community and incorporates traditional Inuit knowledge.

•    Delivering a therapeutically sound and culturally appropriate program, which focuses on changing controlling behaviour and extreme emotional dependence.

Read the manual: Spousal Abuse Counseling Program: Manual for Counselors (PDF1845/290p.)