A Special Edition of Making Waves magazine - Autumn 2007

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Canada's renowned system of health care is at a crossroads. Serious scarcities in services, disparities in health between different groups of citizens, and the prospect of a skyrocketting demand for chronic care - these factors compel a decision.

But have we really only two choices? Either "public" or "private" health care?

No. There is a Third Way forward. It involves engaging in health care delivery a third stakeholder - one with untapped energy, insight, and a devotion to people - Canada's communities. Health co-operatives, community health centres, Aboriginal Health Access Centres, and many more organizations already demonstrate how ordinary citizens can, should, and must have a far greater say in the health care they and their neighbours receive.

The 2007 Special Edition of Making Waves magazine reframes a national debate by outlining the case for a vast expansion of community-level capacity and authority in our health sector. It has been written by and for people and organizations active in the health care sector as well as CED and social economy practitioners.

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