Be PINK Adolescent Breast Health Resource Package: For High School and Community Health Educators

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The Be PINK Adolescent Breast Health Resource Package is a school and community groups educational resource for adolescent girls that addresses breast health. The resource provides ready-to-use, interactive, age appropriate activities, educational materials and lessons that reflect current, evidence-based core messages around issues of breast cancer, genetics, physical activity, nutrition, alcohol, tobacco use, information gathering/myth busting, breast anatomy and development, breast and body familiarity and healthy decision-making. The resource encourages youth to “be ‘P.I.N.K.’”: to Practice what they already know about healthy living, to Investigate the information so they can decipher fact from fiction, to know what is Normal for their body and breasts, and to know that Knowledge is power. Games, class discussions, quizzes, power-point presentations and more are all used to facilitate the learning outcomes for each lesson.