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The CWHN is a network of individuals and organizations from across Canada who believe that health is a human right that eludes many women because of poverty, politics and dwindling resources for health and social services. The CWHN is committed to enhancing women’s health in Canada by facilitating information sharing, and building regional and national links among organizations and individuals who care about women’s health.

Our programs offer easy access to existing health information and resources, as well as newly produced health materials specific to women’s concerns. The CWHN also encourages community-based participatory research and provides forums for critical debate on women’s health research and policy issues. We operate in English and French, and strive to provide materials in accessible formats.


Website: Our website offers access to a variety of women’s health resources, organizational links and databases, as well as breaking news on women’s health issues and bi-weekly feature articles on important women’s health topics. The CWHN website is visited more than 350,000 times each month, with more than 250,000 unique visitors each year. Check us out! www.cwhn.ca

Electronic Mailing Lists: Our monthly e-bulletin on women’s health issues, Brigit’s Notes reaches more than 1,400 individuals who want to know what’s hot in women’s health. Our thematic women’s health mailing lists include, The Aboriginal Women’s Health and Research Interest Group; The Rural and Remote Women’s Health Interest Group; and The Evidence Group on Women, Health and Caregiving. Sign up for free today! webcoord@cwhn.ca

Women’s Health Information Centre: The CWHN responds to health information requests in French and English from individual women, family members, community groups, health care professionals, researchers and students who contact us through our website or through our toll-free information lines.

Databases: Our bilingual databases, available to the general public through our website, continue to grow. The databases now include more than 1600 women’s health organizations, 250 women’s health research specialists, 2400 published women’s health resources and 200 women’s health research projects. We are always seeking suggestions for new materials or groups to include.

Media Referral Service: The CWHN continues to be contacted regularly by media personnel who regard us as a knowledgeable resource for information on women’s health topics and organizations. We regularly direct the media to those individuals or groups in Canada who have expertise on specific women’s health issues and who will offer a balanced women’s health perspective.

Community Outreach and Networking: The CWHN regularly participates in numerous conferences, consultations and presentations, distributing credible women’s health information materials at regional and national conferences, events and workshops. The CWHN also participates actively in a number of important policy and research working groups and institute planning committees, working hard to create a national presence for women’s health in Canada.

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Canadian Women’s Health Network
For membership information contact us at:
Suite 203, 419 Graham Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0M3
Tel: (204) 942-5500
Fax: (204) 989-2355
Toll free: 1-888-818-9172
TTY (toll free): 1-866-694-6367
E-Mail: cwhn@cwhn.ca
Website: http://www.cwhn.ca