Gearing up for a review of Canada’s Women’s Health Strategy

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The Canadian Women’s Health Network wants to hear from you!

Health Canada has recently announced a plan to review the current Women's Health Strategy, and more importanly, to develop a renewed action plan. This is great news.

In preparation for this review, the CWHN will be undertaking an informal outreach and consultation project in the coming months. The results of this work will be compiled into a report to be presented to the Federal government.

What is the Women’s Health Strategy?
The Women's Health Strategy arises from Canada's international and national commitments to gender equality. Adopted in 1999, the overarching goal is to advance the health of women in Canada by improving the responsiveness of our health system to women and women's health.

The four objectives of the Strategy outline a commitment:

  • To ensure that Health Canada's policies and programs are responsive to sex and gender differences, and to women's health needs;
  • To increase knowledge and understanding of women's health and women's health needs;
  • To support the provision of effective health services to women;
  • To promote good health through preventive measures and the reduction of risk factors that most imperil the health of women.

In order to meet these goals, the Bureau of Women's Health and Gender Analysis is responsible for promoting and advancing the Strategy within Health Canada.

How you can contribute
You can help by letting us know what you think. The objective of our survey is to collect the opinions of Canadians on the relevance of existing goals and activities of the Strategy, and new issues and solutions for the future. We would also like to identify groups and individuals that would like to be engaged in the review process in an ongoing way.

In order to get your views and opinions, we have posted a survey on our website (also available in paper format). Volunteers will also be hosting some informal and thematically based discussions in regions across Canada (locations to be determined).

To participate in our survey, become involved in consultation meetings, or for more information, visit: -- or call 1-888-818-9172.

To see the full document of Canada’s Women’s Health Strategy (1999), visit: