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Welcome to the Autumn 2005 issue of Network magazine. Sadly, we can no longer afford to publish Network on a quarterly basis, but are instead moving to a twice yearly publication timetable. However, we hope to keep each issue larger than the quarterly version, and packed full of useful women’s health news and information – so stay tuned!

Of course, our magazine is only one way to keep you informed of what we’ve been up to and what’s new and pressing in women’s health. We also have an electronic daily listserv, CDN-WOMEN, a monthly e-news bulletin, Brigit’s Notes, and a website that is updated weekly with new women’s health content. For more information on any of these free services, visit our website, www.cwhn.ca

We know that not everyone is able to access email or the Internet, so we also have a toll-free number for those who would like more information on our services, and for those with health information requests. Call us at 1-888-818-9172.

We also wanted to meet more of you, face-to-face, so we recently held a “magazine launch party” in a Montreal café for the Spring 2005 issue of Network, with guest editor Gwynne Basen. It was a great success with more than 60 women, girls and men turning up to join us in our celebrations and meet with one another in a relaxed and friendly environment. We hope to have more of these magazine parties, held in different towns and cities across the country, each time a new issue of Network is released.

At the Canadian Women’s Health Network we’ve had a very productive spring and summer, and are already headlong into a busy autumn. As you’ll see from this issue, there’s no shortage of work to be done on many pressing women’s health issues both here at home, and internationally. We’ve been active on a number of hot women’s health files, including safety and approval issues around Depo-Provera and silicone breast implants, among other drugs and devices targeted to women. We’ve also worked hard to change the regulatory status for emergency contraception so that it is available to women across the country without a doctor’s prescription. And we’ve continued to raise awareness of the importance of gender based analysis in health research and policy at a variety of consultations and planning sessions with regional, provincial and federal governments.

We’ve also had some strong successes too in the past many months. Our Executive Director was presented with an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Ottawa for her decades long work on women’s health. We also successfully held the first ever women’s national roundtable and reception on Parliament Hill, with almost 50 health advocates, key researchers, and representatives from various health professional organizations across Canada joined by senators and MPs from every political party to discuss important women’s health issues.

And that’s just a sample of what we’ve been up to! As always, we need your continued involvement. Help us to strengthen the women’s health movement in Canada by becoming a member – and if you aren’t already, why not become a regular subscriber to Network magazine?

Join your voice to ours! Here’s how.

Kathleen O’Grady
Director of Communications