Retro woman: navigating advanced HIV/AIDS treatment

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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society
British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society
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Vancouver, BC

CD-ROM that provides a coherent look at advanced treatment information that is specific to HIV-positive women. Contains fact sheets, articles and lectures relating to HIV treatment information.

AIDS.R48 2004
Review, Network Fall 2005: Women with HIV/AIDS face unique clinical issues. They are often diagnosed later and generally have poorer access to care and medications. Women tend to have higher viral loads and lower CD4 counts. They must also contend with vulnerability related to reproductive issues and domestic violence. Finally, women living with HIV/AIDS are usually relied upon to meet the care needs of children and other family members. HIV-positive women, and their health care providers, need access to treatment information on topics specific to women, such as disease progression, gynaecological health, side effects, hormones, gender and viral load, sexually transmitted infections and antiretrovirals. Recognizing this need, the BC Persons With AIDS Society and the Positive Women’s Network developed this comprehensive CD-ROM. Users will find fact sheets, articles and lectures all relating to HIV treatment (and some pretty cool animation in the introduction!)