Women's health during the childbearing years: a community-based approach

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Peggy Sherblom Matteson
Mosby, Inc.
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St. Louis, MS

Provides information to prepare nurses to provide care with women from menarche to menopause, while empowering and encouraging each woman's ability for decision-making and self-care. Focuses on nursing interventions with the individual woman within the context of her family and her community, discusses complementary and medical therapies, and covers interactions with women during both outpatient and inpatient care. Includes an interactive CD-ROM of critical thinking case studies from a community-based/home care perspective, NCLEX review questions, community-based activities, a vocabulary review with sound pronunciations, and examples of forms for charting care.

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ISBN 0323009158
WOMN.S54 (CWHN Offices)
Includes glossary, bibliographical references and index.