Complementary headache therapy: a close look at the treatments and the evidence

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Howard B. Pikoff
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Buffalo, NY

Takes a close look at a dozen complementary hadache therapies that have generated sound clinical research.

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ALTH.P55 2004
ISBN 0964098113
Includes bibliographical references. --- Review, Network Spring 2006: There are many different medications available to treat the pain of headaches and migraines, and new drugs continue to appear regularly. There are also many alternative remedies. A popular guide to complementary medicine describes 90 treatments for headache, from acupuncture to zone therapy. A third of these are routinely recommended for headache. But do these therapies really work? Do they meet scientific standards of effectiveness? Do they pass muster in randomized controlled trials? Pikoff attempts to answer some of these questions and reviews the evidence for 15 alternative headache therapies that have generated sound clinical research, including acupuncture, biofeedback, feverfew, and homeopathy. He includes what is known about each therapy, how it works, and how effective it has been proven to be.