Strategies for improving minority healthcare quality

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Mary Catherine Beach
Lisa A. Cooper
Karen A. Robinson
Eboni G. Price
Tiffany L. Gary
Mollie W. Jenckes
Aysegul Gozu
Carole Smarth
Ana Palacio
Carolyn J. Feuerstein
Eric B. Bass
Neil R. Powe
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
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Rockville, MD

Systematically reviews the evidence to determine the effectiveness of interventions designed to improve the quality of healthcare and/or to reduce disparities for ethnic minorities. Focuses on evaluations of interventions aimed at healthcare providers or organizations. Broadly examines any type of strategy aimed at improving the quality of care in an ethnic minority population of patients, and then looks more specifically at strategies designed to improve the cultural competence of healthcare providers or organizations.

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