First stage trauma treatment: a guide for mental health professionals working with women

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Lori Haskell
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
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Toronto, ON

Presents therapies with a conceptual map for understanding women’s experiences of trauma. Outlines components of first stage trauma treatment and offers tools and strategies.

ISBN 0888684142
MENH.H37 2003
Includes bibliographical references. --- Review, Network Winter/Spring: Many women seeking treatment for depression, chronic anxiety, substance-use problems, difficult or abusive relationships and self-inflicted harm are actually experiencing complex post-traumatic stress responses associated with chronic abuse and neglect in childhood. While mental health professionals may be aware of their clients’ early histories, they may underestimate the role of the trauma as the origin of their symptoms and fail to provide these women with the treatment they need. This guidebook has been developed to assist mental health workers and caregivers in understanding more about the impact of abuse and neglect in women’s lives. The author outlines the basic components of first stage trauma treatment and offers specific tools and concrete strategies to use in beginning this difficult work.