Breast implants: everything you need to know

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Nancy Bruning
Hunter House Publishers
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Alameda, CA

Examines why implants are so popular and how to decide whether or not to get them. Looks at the pros and cons of various types of implants. Provides information on complications due to implants and how ofter they occur.

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BREA.B78 2002
ISBN 0897933710
Includes bibliographical references and index. --- Review, May 2005: Breast implants first appeared in the 1960s. Thus began a saga of promises and broken promises, reassurances and warnings, speculation disguised as facts, and wishful thinking, disguised as truth. Women have not been well served by the media-coverage, which has tended to swing from one extreme (a great option for women!) to the other (a time bomb in your breasts!) to another (women who say their implants make them sick are greedy ambulance chasers!). Very rarely did the media capture the distressing story of women who underwent surgery with a product that they thought was safe, only to find out that no objective studies of women with implants had even been conducted. This book is intended to provide a review of information and resources regarding breast implants and breast-enhancing and reconstructive procedures alternative to implants. The author, a breast cancer survivor living with an implant and former board member of Breast Cancer Action, navigates the reader between what is known and what is not known, providing up-to-date research findings as well as a wide range of opinions from patients, physicians, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United Sates, and other experts.