Advocacy for women's health should include lesbian health

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Katherine A. O'Hanlan
Suzanne L. Dibble
Jennifer J. Hagan
Raquel Davids
Journal of Women's Health
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Larchmont, NY

States that established scientific studies are often not reflected in laws and judicial opinions for lesbians with regard to employment, taxation, pensions, disability, healthcare, immigration, military service, marriage, custody, and adoption. Finds that psychological and epidemiological research confirms that the public discriminatory attitudes and second-class legal status cause physical, emotional, and financial harm to lesbians, their families, and their children, and that some lesbians experience discrimination in healthcare and avoid routine primary healthcare. Argues that to decrease the harm, and improve the health of lesbians, medical institutions can include sexual orientation and gender identity in their nondiscrimination policies and offer domestic partner coverage in employment benefits.

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