Women's health, women's rights: perspectives on global health issues

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Vijay Agnew (ed.)
Centre for Feminist Research
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Toronto, ON

Presents a collection of papers, all of which were presented at the 9th International Women's Health Conference.

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ISBN 1550144138
WOMH.W66 2003
Includes bibliographical references. --- Review, Network Winter/Spring 2004: The 9th International Women’s Health Conference was held in Toronto in August 2002, attended by over 400 delegates representing 75 countries. There were three conference themes: sexual and reproductive rights, violence against women and environmental health. For those who missed the conference, you can now experience some of its power through this collection of papers, all of which were presented at the conference itself. Some of the papers focus on case studies, such as the chapter on services provided to survivors of child sexual abuse. Others explore barriers to women’s reproductive rights, and still others discuss violence in refugee camps. Whether from Brazil, Palestine, Nigeria or Canada, the contributions are framed by the principle that equality (social, economic and political) is a necessary condition for improving women’s health.