Final payments: socio-economic costs of palliative home caregiving in the last month of life

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Centres of Excellence for Womens Health (CEWH)
Cross Centre Initiatives
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Lorraine Greaves
Olena Hankivsky
Georgia Livadiotakis
Renée Cormier
Lyndsey Saunders
Lindsey Galvin
Bilkis Vissandjée
Patricia Carlier
Margereth Zanchetta
Carol Amaratunga
Jacqueline Gahagan
Aideen Reynolds
Centres of Excellence for Women's Health
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Assesses the socio-economic costs and benefits for both female and male informal and formal caregivers providing palliative home care (focusing on the last month of life) to a cancer or AIDS patient. Examines a comprehensive set of costs and benefits-including social, economic, emotional, psychological and spiritual-experienced by these caregivers.

Includes bibliographical references.