Proceedings of 1st SAARC people's forum: security of movement, security of livelihood: combating trafficking of women and childr

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SANFEC (South Asia Network on Food Ecology and Culture)
Resistance Network
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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Presents the proceedings from the first SAARC (South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation) Peoples Forum which was held in Columbo, Sri Lanka during 25-26 July, 1998. The theme of the conference was Combatting Trafficking of Women and Children and Ensuring Food Security. The focus was on the Convention to Combat Trafficking in Women and Children and, more broadly, on ensuring security of movement and security of livelihood in South Asia. Issues of food security are also presented as it as seen as connected to trafficking. It also includes presentation summaries and organizational activities.

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ISBN 9848113053
SEXP.S43 2000