Gender mainstreaming: conceptual framework, methodology and presentation of good practices: final report of activities of the Group of Specialists on Mainstreaming

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Rapporteur Group on Equality between Women and Men (GR-EG)
Council of Europe
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Strasbourg, FR

The report is the result meetings of the Group of specialists on mainstreaming (EG-S-MS), which was set up by the Council of Europe in 1995. The report contains a conceptual framework on gender mainstreaming. It places the strategy of mainstreaming in the context of achievements in terms of gender equality. It provides a methodology for gender mainstreaming. The reports also discusses the points to keep in mind when elaborating a policy plan on gender mainstreaming and gives some indications for monitoring the process. Finally, it contains a broad range of examples of gender mainstreaming efforts. The aim of this report is to stimulate the various policy actors of the member States and the different bodies of the Council of Europe to initiate concrete actions in the field of gender mainstreaming, and to facilitate their initiatives. The recommendations contained in the report are meant to be general, and are valid for all levels (national, regional and local), as well as for the Council of Europe.

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GEND.G46 1998