First Nations women, governance and the Indian Act: a collection of policy research reports

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Judith F. Sayers
Kelly A. MacDonald
Jo-Anne Fiske
Melonie Newell
Evelyn George
Wendy Cornet
Status of Women Canada
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Ottawa, ON

Contains a collection of policy research reports on the effects of the Indian Act on women's roles in First Nations governments.

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ABGN.S39 2001
ISBN 066231140X
<p>Includes bibliographical references. --- Also published in French under the title: Les femmes des Premières nations, la gouvernance et la Loi sur les Indiens : recueil de rapports de recherche en matière de politiques. --- Review, Network Fall/Winter 2001/02: A collection of three policy research reports that provides a gender perspective in the public debate surrounding First Nations governance issues. It is hoped that this collection will support First Nations women and contribute to the ability of individuals and organizations to participate more effectively in the federal government’s initiative to amend the Indian Act.</p>