Drug wise: a book for older women about safe drug use

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Wendy Reynolds
Vera Madden
AWARE (Action on Women's Addictions - Research and Education)
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Kingston, ON

Provides information on safe drug use for women over the age of 55. Explains how alcohol and drugs have a greater effect on older women, how older women are given the most prescriptions for drugs and often take several different kinds of drugs. Discusses mood-altering prescription drugs (tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and anti-depressants); alcohol; physical health drugs (drugs your doctor prescribes for medical problems); and over-the-counter drugs. Examines the problems caused by short-term use of drugs as well as those caused by long-term drug use. Includes suggestions on how to interact with your doctor, your rights as a patient, and how to work with your pharmacist.

ADDI.D78 1992