Drug wise: a book about safe drug use for older women who are caregivers

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Wendy Reynolds
Vera Madden
AWARE (Action on Women's Addictions - Research and Education)
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Kingston, ON

Provides information and suggestions for identifying and dealing with drug problems in older people as well as preventing alcohol and drug problems in caregivers. Examines the effects of and problems associated with: mood-altering prescription drugs (tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and anti-depressants); alcohol; physical health prescription drugs; and over-the-counter durgs. Details the reasons for drug and alcohol abuse in older women, including depression. Discusses the problems with short-term drug use and long-term drug use, such as drug interactions, tolerance, and withdrawal. Provides information specifically for caregivers on how to survive caregiving and how to get help.

ADDI.D78 1992