A provincial strategy for bone health and fracture prevention: recommendations of the Bone Health and Fracture Prevention Steeri

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Bone Health and Fracture Prevention Steering Committee
British Columbia Ministry of Health and Ministry Responsible for Seniors and BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre
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Vancouver, BC

Articulates a stratedy for integrating bone health and fracture prevention research with community action and public policy. It highlights programs that address building optimal bone mass during childhood and adolescent years, preserving bone health during adulthood, and minimising the risk of falls and fractures in seniors. The document begins with an overview of research on bone health, osteoporosis and fracture prevention, then discusses the health promotion approach, and concludes with recommendations that give directions for long-term, comprehensive and focussed planning for bone health in the hopes of reducing the burden of osteoporosis and fractures on our health care system.

ISBN 0772644942
OSTE.B66 2001