The healthy boomer: a no-nonsense midlife health guide for women and men

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Peggy Edwards
Miroslava Lhotsky
Judy Turner
McClelland & Stewart Inc.
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Toronto, ON

Provides a complete health guide for people in their forties and fifties facing the physical and personal challenges of midlife.

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AGIN.E39 1999
ISBN 0771030509
Includes bibliographical references and index. --- Review, Network Spring 2000: This comprehensive guide to midlife health was written especially for Canadian men, women and couples in the thoes of midlife(!). The authors - a family physician, a psychologist, and a health promotion consultant - draw on interviews, the latest research, and their own expertise to provide decision-making tools, accurate information, and practical advice on midlife topics from menopause in men to healthy eating, even spiritual well-being.