Young women's guide: challenge the assumptions!

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Sarah Denham
Barb Riach
Dianah Smith
Stoney McCart
Student's Commission and TG Magazine
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Toronto, ON

Provides a practical tool to help educators begin to make a gender, race and class analysis central to the existing curriculum, pedagogy and the learning environment. Content is designed on a cross-disciplinary basis in order to be relevant and applicable in a variety of subject areas - social sciences, family studies, science, language arts and women's studies. The collection of young women's voices reflects how assumptions held by the dominant culture restrict young women's lives: assumptions about race, woman's place, sexuality, relationships, physical ability, equality and others. Their stories reflect the incredible effort required to challenge assumptions, which are like powerful ropes tying young women into roles that others have defined for them. In speaking of their reality, they throw off constraints and shed light on the complexity of women's lives and the power that women have.

TEEN.D46 1998