Men, masculinities & development: broadening our work towards gender equality

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Alan Greig
Micheal Kimmel
James Lang
United Nations Development Programme
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New York, NY

Discusses gender, its social construction, and its impact on women and men's lives. It explains that the lives of women and men are shaped by norms and traditions which are, along with the ideas that underpin them, manifested in laws, institutions, economics and social structures, such as the family and the job market. But the gendered responsibilities and rewards of participation in society are not only different for women and men, they are usually inequitable. This analysis reveals the gendered bases of inequity and inequality to be powerful and pervasive. Yet, as the monograph makes clear, the concept of gender can also provide a catalyst for social and economic change. If the differing roles and responsibilities ascribed to men and women are socially constructed, then, by definition, they may be changed by society. Understanding the ways that gender is constructed can create a space within which women and men may envision different ways of being together.

GEND.G74 2000