Gay and lesbian legal issues and HIV/AIDS: final report

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John Fisher
Ralf Jürgens
Anne Vassal
Robert Hughes
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and the Canadian AIDS Society
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Ottawa, ON

Reviews how, historically, gay men and lesbians have suffered persistent patterns of discrimination and persecution, and how the advent of HIV and AIDS has intensified and extended discrimination against them. Provides a detailed analysis of how, in 1998, Canadian law treats gay men and lesbians, as well as some examples of discrimination in two other areas, behavioural research and health and social services. Assesses the impact of stigma and discrimination in the context of HIV/AIDS. Provides clear evidence of how pervasice discrimination against gay men and lesbians is, and of the impact it has on their daily lives. Recommends that a variety of measures be undertaken to decrease discrimination against gay men and lesbians, and to increase prevention and care efforts.

GLBT.F57 1998