Wounded workers: the politics of musculoskeletal injuries

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Penney Kome
University Of Toronto Press
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Toronto, ON

Argues that musculoskeletal injuries affect the kind of health care patients receive, the way they are treated at their jobs, by their friends and families, and by their governments.

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ISBN 0802077951
WORK.K66 1998
Includes bibliographical references and index. --- Review, Network Winter 1998/99: Women often work in tiring and repetitive jobs, at workstations designed for the "average" male body, and without the protection of a union. Plus, unpaid work at home often stops women from resting their hands after the paid work is done. These are among the reasons Penney Kome uses to explain why women suffer from musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) twice as often as men. Kome looks at the hidden policy agendas that face MSI patients and their caregivers.