Unshielded: the human cost of the Dalkon Shield

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Mary Florence Hawkins
University of Toronto Press Inc.
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Toronto, ON

Explores the controversy surrounding the Dalkon Shield, an intrauterine device used by four million women worldwide between 1970 and 1974.

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BIRT.H39 1997
ISBN 0802078613
Includes bibliographical references and index. --- Review, Network Spring 1998: This new book is a recounting of the Dalkon Shield, widely used as a contraceptive IUD for millions of women in the early 1970s. Despite questionable research conducted by its manufacturer, A.H. Robins, and painful side effects, it was over 15 years before its damaging effects were formally made public. While over 300,000 victims brought charges against the manufacturer, destroyed medical reports, inadequate legal representation and other bungles resulted in some claimants receiving as little as $100. Says Hawkins, the author of Unshielded, "the lessons from this tragic incident have not been learned."