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NGO - Non Government Organization

SISTER VISION is the first press for Black women and women of colour in Canada. Founded in 1984, it intends to encourage works by women of all cultures, sexual preferences and classes. A conscious political decision was made to distinguish between Black women and women of colour because Black women experienced slavery and its aftermath. However, commonaility and writings are shared with Native Sisters, Asian Sisters and others who define themselves as women of colour. The focus will be on:
- oral history of ordninary women often omitted from traditional history and comtemporary writing;- books for children and young adults;- theory and research to challenge the absence of their voices in Canada feminist theorgy and research.A forum for theoretical works will analyze the political and social lives of Black and Third World women froma feminist perspective.
SISTER VISION's traditions include Marie Joseph Angelique, a Black Montreal salve who launched the first documented act of defiance against slavery, and Mary Ann Shadd, the first woman editor in Canada and publisher of one of Canada's early Black newspapers - the Provincial Freeman - in the 1850's. They want to reforge the link between women and colour in Canada and in the Caribbean and Third World women the world over. Their vision is of a global femiinism,interconnecting and weaving women's histories.
SISTER VISION welcomes donations, manuscripts and ideas.

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PO Box 217, Stn E
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