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Governmental Body
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Day services

The Community Outreach Partnership Program (COPP) is a collaborative project between VCMHS and ST. Paul's Hospital. This program has been developed to serve the need of two different client populations. The core group of clients are people who suffer from a severe and unrelenting eating disorder of lengthy duration. These clients have tried several other forms of treatment without relief of symptoms. The program focuses on Quality of life and harm reduction. This is not a palliative care model of treatment. We expect the clients in this program will make a significant recovery even though they may not be free of eating disorder symptoms. Clients in this program are not required to set goals around eating disorder behaviours or nutrition. However, there is a dietician on staff who monitors their nutritional status and is available to assist them in making changes should they desire to do so. We work with the client to insure medical safety and to minimize crisis driven hospital admissions. The client learns to manage their illness. Clients in this program receive services in their own homes and communities. Staff work with clients to assist them to identify goals for quality of life that are meaningful to them and then support them to achieve those goals. This program also offers short term transitional support to clients who require assistance with establishing independent living skills post Vista program or who require assistance in preparing to enter the Vista program.

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3181 W. 2nd Avenue
British Columbia
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V6K 1K7