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The reaction across Canada has been swift and strong to our news of impending funding cuts to the CWHN and our partners in women’s health research.

Our story has been covered in major media in English and French and has also reached south of the border. Several bloggers have commented and organizations have put the word out on their websites.

Niki Ashton, MP for Churchill and the NDP’s critic on women’s issues, spoke out in Parliament on April 26, saying “This assault on women's equality sends a clear message: if our research contradicts the Conservatives' ideology, we have to pay the price.” Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette also spoke in favour of the program, saying, “… c'est avec une immense tristesse que je prends la parole pour déplorer la fin du Programme de contribution pour la santé des femmes.”

Thanks to all for this tremendous show of support!

See some of the commentary here:

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Some of the comments on our Facebook page:

 I'm very sad to see this. I can only think of all the terrific work on women's and girls' health that will be lost. My best to all the employees and volunteers who've stuck it out and fought this long to keep women's health issues in Canada robust -- against all odds.

 I'm SO sorry to hear this! You all do amazing work. With the talent in your organization, I know you'll each do well moving forward. But we will lose an important voice!

 I've been a member of the CWHN Expert Review Committee for many years so KNOW how shortsighted and ideologically driven this decision is.  Canadian friends, contact your MPs about this! 

Pls contact your MPs about the cuts to the Women's Health Contribution Program. This program has been in existence since 1996 with the goal to improving the status of Women's Health in Canada. It is comprised of academics, policy makers and community groups which provide regional, national and international perspectives on the determinants of women's health.

…and some of what’s “tweeting”:

Ellen Woodsworth @ellenwoodsworth: Am calling for rallies at Federal offices on Mother's Day.

Karine Myrgianie @KarineMyrgianie: I wish those cuts did not exist because you do amazing work for women, girls and young women!

Girls Action @_GirlsAction: we love working with the BC Centre and love what the others have been up to including @RQASF!

Farah Mawani @farah_way: I'm on CWHN's Expert Review Committee so KNOW how shortsighted it is 

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Other cuts to health organizations include:

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada

Native Women's Association of Canada

National Aboriginal Health Organization