Janice Nagazine 1952 - 2013

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13 CWHN former staff and current board members attended the memorial service for Janice Nagazine in Winnipeg on October 22, 2013. Attending were: Back row: Susan White, Lee Pearson, Rhonda Thompson, Tanya Smith, Carolyn Shimmin, Ghislane Alleyne, Alex Merrill, Barbara Bourrier-Lacroix. Front row: Susan Woodward, Mona Dupré-Ollinik, Léonie Lafontaine, Lina Rozanov, Hazel George-Saito.

CWHN friends and colleagues of Janice Nagazine were deeply saddened to learn of her sudden and untimely death in Winnipeg recently. Janice was our Finance Officer at the CWHN from 2004 to 2012, a job she carried out with integrity, professionalism and always in an understated and quiet way.

A Certified Management Accountant, Janice brought important leadership skills to CWHN from a background as a senior financial manager in industry. CWHN Treasurer Lee Pearson saw her value to the organization right away: “I was thrilled from the first time I worked with her—she knew what she was doing, all her work was of the highest quality and she always had an answer if we had questions.”

Her co-workers remember her fondly. Carolyn Shimmin recalls, “She always had us laughing and smiling and feeling like we could take on the world. She made you feel important and heard.” She was gentle, of a quiet strength, and possessed a generosity that extended not just to her friends and co-workers but to volunteer work with the Fort Gary Women’s Resource Centre and the CNIB.  

Our deepest condolences are extended to her family from Vancouver. We will miss her greatly. 

Janice's funeral took place Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 7:00 pm at Neil Bardal Funeral Centre, 3030 Notre Dame Ave. in Winnipeg. The family welcomes donations made in support of the Canadian Women’s Health Network.