Nurses at risk: Exploring gender and race in workplace illness, injury and violence

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Wed, 2013-06-19 12:00


The webinar recording is now online! View the webinar here (55 minutes).

  • Moderated by Prof. Pat Armstrong, York University Sociology and Women’s Studies
  • Presented by Prof. Jacqueline Choiniere and Prof. Judith MacDonnell, York University School of Nursing
  • Introduced by Anne Rochon Ford, Canadian Women’s Health Network’s Executive Director

Canadian nurses face mounting workplace health and safety problems. Reports detailing precarious employment, work-related illness, injury, disability and violence are multiplying.

In this webinar, Jacqueline Choiniere and Judith MacDonnell explore findings from two stages of their qualitative research for the SSHRC-funded project, Nurses at risk: Exploring gender and race in workplace illness, injury and violence, (Pat Armstrong, PI, with Co-Investigators Hugh Armstrong, Jacqueline Choiniere, Tamara Daly, Walter Giesbrecht and Judith MacDonnell).

Informed by a feminist political economy lens, researchers were concerned that despite this growing evidence, there was a paucity of analysis linking these problems to broader social and political structures, including gender, race, ethnicity, and the changes in how nurses’ work is organized.

They discuss interviews with key informants who illustrate the everyday and complex nature of the violence that diversely-situated nurses face, and focus specifically on nurses working in the mental health sector.

By attending to the ways that intersections of gendered, racialized and neoliberal dynamics reproduce social inequality, these findings point to the importance of addressing not only individual nurses’ experiences of violence in order to create effective support, but also the structural violence that underpins the conditions and environments in which nurses work.

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