Health Professional Guide to Memory Loss: MoCA, Clock Drawing Test, and Other Tests

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The Montreal Cognitive Assessment test (MoCA) is more sensitive than the MMSE for milder forms of early cognitive impairment

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Clock Drawing Test

The Clock Drawing Test is an evaluation tool of cognitive functions. It's a rapid screening test that needs to be paired with other tests (like MMSE or MoCA) for diagnostic purposes.

Description of the test:

Ask the patient to draw a 10 cm circle on a plain sheet of paper. Explain that the circle represents a clock (or a watch). Ask the patient to insert the numbers and then to indicate the time of 11:10.

Reviewing the test

  • The sequence and placement of the numbers at each hour.
  • The use of two arrows (one small to indicate the hour and a longer one to indicate the minutes).
  • The two arrows should indicate the correct time (11:10).


Other tests

There are other tests that complement the usual tests used during patient consultation, such as the five-word memory test. Show the patient a list of five words (but hide the categories and ask them to say what the category is):

  • elephant (animal)
  • rose (flowers)
  • shirt (clothing)
  • apricot (fruit)
  • violin (musical instrument)

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We are pleased to house this series of FAQs for health professionals, supervised by Cara Tannenbaum, from the Centre de recherche de l’Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal.

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