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Invitation to join CHAIN Canada

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Contact, Help, Advice and Information Networks (CHAIN) is a network designed to facilitate links between health care professionals, specialists, researchers, educators, managers, librarians and other professionals.

You can request to become a member of this network today, in just 10 minutes, using the internet and within two working days you will be able to use a simple on-line search to make contact with other members anywhere who have common interests and aspirations to your own.  As well as this you can ask to have messages broadcast to targeted groups.  Membership is entirely free. 

To get more information contact

Podcast: Policies of Exclusion, Poverty & Health: Stories from the front

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Policies of Exclusion, Poverty & Health: Stories from the front, which is the outcome of an intense study of 21 women living in poverty in one Canadian community.

The series includes the 21 stories, written in the women’s own words, plus two reports – also written in the first-person and so from the storytellers’ perspective. The first report draws out the dominant themes found in the stories. The second details the storytellers’ recommendations for positive change and offers encouragement and advice to other women in poverty to “mobilize, galvanize, and politicize.” Together, the stories and reports contain surprises that challenge long-held assumptions about Canada’s poor.

Honouring Life Network

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The Honouring Life Network is a project of the National Aboriginal Health Organization. The Web site offers culturally relevant information and resources on suicide prevention to help Aboriginal people deal with a problem that has reached crisis proportions in some First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities in Canada.

In addition to providing a place for Aboriginal youth to go and read about others dealing with similar issues, the site allows those working with Aboriginal youth to connect, discuss and share suicide prevention resources and strategies.  Funded by Health Canada.

Take back the day

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Take back Mother's Day from the throes of commercialism, and celebrate its founding spirit by supporting women today who are working for peace and justice. Learn more.

Accessible Vacation Home Exchange

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The Independent Living Institute launches new version of its Accessible Vacation Home Exchange service

Swapping homes with other persons with similar needs, in other parts of the world, is a low-cost and practical alternative. You can find out in advance how accessible the vacation home is, since you can ask your swap partner relevant questions. And, unlike most other tourists, you’ll have an infrastructure of neighbors and local contacts in place as you arrive.

Health Evidence

Text Size: Normal / Medium / Large is designed to provide quality research evidence to public health decision makers, saving you time by searching, screening, and rating the systematic review evidence to compile it in a free, searchable online registry.

The Pop Reporter

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The Pop Reporter is a weekly e-zine that links to the latest research and news reports on reproductive health and other related issues.

Health Nexus

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For over 20 years Health Nexus (formerly the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse) has been enabling communities to promote health-in Ontario and beyond. At little or no cost, we help organizations and individuals develop and implement prevention and health promotion strategies, which aim to enhance well-being and reduce demand on the health care and social service systems. Our three strategic areas of focus are: early child development, chronic disease prevention and health equity (inclusion). 

Women’s Healthy Environments Network (WHEN)

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Since its inception in 1994, Women's Healthy Environments Network has been educating the general public, media and policy makers to the fact that environmental health is a key determinant of public health.

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