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Women's Healthy Environments Network

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WHEN E-Newsletter won’t fill up your inbox but it will provide you with timely and relevant information on the issues that matter you. This is a quarterly publication that combines facts, commentary, interesting links and fun!

No One is Illegal-Vancouver

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No One is Illegal-Vancouver is a grassroots anti-colonial immigrant and refugee rights collective with leadership from members of migrant and/or racialized backgrounds. Our collective is predominantly people of colour and women. We are an all-volunteer group; none of our organizers are paid.

The No One is Illegal campaign has two goals: to attain concrete victories for immigrants and refugees and to develop the communities’ own capacity to attain justice and dignity for themselves and their families.

Canadian Association of Perinatal and Women’s Health Nurses (CAPWHN)

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The Canadian Association of Perinatal and Women’s Health Nurses (CAPWHN) represents women's health, obstetric and newborn nurses from across Canada. CAPWHN aims to promote excellence in nursing practice, leadership, education and research in the areas of perinatal and women’s health care.

Midwifery Bridging Project

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The Midwifery Bridging Project (MMBP) is a bridging program for qualified midwives educated outside of Canada. It’s designed to help you learn how to use your skills in a Canadian context.  The MMBP will assist you to prepare to meet the requirements for registering and practising as a midwife in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or the Northwest Territories. 

The Canadian Best Practices Portal for Health Promotion

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The primary goals of the Canadian Best Practices Portal are to: develop and disseminate best practices information for chronic disease prevention and control interventions; provide decision makers with a comprehensive and standardized resource about best practices for chronic disease prevention and control; create awareness of the overall Canadian Best Practices System through communication and marketing activities targeted to decision makers in health promotion, public health and chronic disease prevention range from frontline public health workers to non-government and voluntary organization program administrators to provincial ministers of health. 

Canadian Network for Human Health and the Environment

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The Canadian Network for Human Health and the Environment covers broad human health-related environmental issues relating to air, water, soil, food, climate change and consumer products.  

This network is funded by the Safe Environments Programme of Health Canada (SEP).  While its principal target membership is health-based non-governmental organizations which have an active interest in environmental impacts on human health, membership is also open to government policy-makers, researchers and healthcare professionals.

Current Oncology

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Current Oncology has added a new page to their website featuring patient support groups from across the country. Established in 1994, Current Oncology is a Canadian based and internationally distributed journal which is published bi-monthly plus special supplemental issues. The information is written with easy to understand facts and information that lend themselves well to giving patients a better understanding of their disease while helping both themselves and loved ones in dealing with cancer.  View the current support page.

WHEN Newsletter for June

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The June newsletter (Volume 2, Issue 2) from the Women's Healthy Environments Network (WHEN) is now available online at WHEN's website.


CATIE Ordering Centre online

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The Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE), " Canada 's gateway to HIV information" announces online access to all of its publications at its new Online Ordering Centre. The catalogue of over 550 English and French documents is available free of charge on the CATIE website.

Skin Deep

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Skin Deep is a safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products brought to you by researchers at the Environmental Working Group.  Skin Deep pairs ingredients in more than 25,000 products against 50 definitive toxicity and regulatory databases, making it the largest integrated data resource of its kind.

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