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Now Live!! BCPWA's Treatment Information BLOG

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BC Person's with AIDS Society's Treatment Information Program (TIP) has launched a new online service for HIV-positive British Columbians. The web-based discussion board allows HIV-positive men and women to post questions and comments about HIV treatments and health in general, with a new topic posted each week. The BLOG offers BCPWA members, throughout the province, an opportunity to access current information and share experiences.

New WHO online tool to improve clinical trial transparency

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WHO today launched a new web site that will enable researchers, health practitioners, consumers, journal editors and reporters to search more easily and quickly for information on clinical trials. The site works as an entry point or portal into multiple, high quality clinical trial registers with a global search function.

The Missing Women's Legacy Society new website is now online

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The Missing Women's Legacy Society is an agency of hope, compassion, and action, that exists to create a lasting and sustainable wave of social change and responsibility around violence, public safety, and substance abuse. The Society also provides restorative programs for women and children at risk of violence.

PeRx Info

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The peRx Project is a publicly funded educational program developed to improve awareness of drug development and pharmaceutical marketing practices and to positively impact prescribing behaviors, specifically among advanced practice nurses. An innovative, multi-media, interactive web-based pharmaceutical curriculum has been developed that targets advance practice nurse students and other clinician audiences.

Physical Activity @ Work: Bringing Physical Activity Into the Workday

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Announcing a new user-friendly website from the Alberta Centre for Active Living: Physical Activity @ Work: Bringing Physical Activity Into the Workday.

The new Physical Activity @ Work website from the Alberta Centre for Active Living helps employers, employees, workplace wellness coordinators and human resources advisors improve their workplace by encouraging physical activity @ work.

World Health Organization: The Department of Gender, Women and Health

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The World Health Organization's Department of Gender, Women and Health (GWH) brings attention to the ways in which biological and social differences between women and men affect health and the steps needed to achieve health equity. The main focus of GWH is to promote the inclusion of gender perspectives in the work of the WHO by collaborating with other departments and, regional and country offices. It aims to increase knowledge of gender issues by conducting research, training and advocacy on how socio-cultural factors and discrimination affect health.


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Excerpt from Editorial of first issue:

"Open Medicine is a new general medical journal. It will be paperless and available without charge or any other barrier to access online. We will publish peer-reviewed science and analysis as well as clinical articles. We will provide a forum for informed and inclusive debates on medicine and its application. Open Medicine will be independent of any commercial publisher or association ownership - it will be "owned" by all who read and contribute to it - and will take no advertisements from companies selling pharmaceuticals or medical devices. We will rely on voluntarism, donations and ethical advertising. Any revenue will be used to improve our ability to meet the needs of our readers and contributors.

This first edition of Open Medicine offers carefully reviewed and edited articles for discovery and discussion. In the future, it is our intention to make the journal not only open, but also collaborative. As an example, the editors considered the merits of publishing peer reviews along with accepted papers, and began reviewing the published evidence on the effectiveness of open peer review. Before reaching consensus, we realized that this is a discussion our readers and contributors should actively participate in. As we developed Open Medicine, we made extensive use of a wiki site and quickly realized how well it captured our combined efforts. We will continue to experiment with its use as an editing tool, and are discussing ways to add a wiki to our public site."


The Global Women's Memorial Website

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The Global Women's Memorial website project is dedicated to fostering resistance to violence against women. The Global Women's Memorial is a web portal and template project that will link together all the memorials to women murdered and missing across Canada, offering a central site where memorial activists can connect, collaborate and change the way our society thinks about violence. Based on the principle of "direct democracy," the project will provide a website template for memorial-activists to create their own websites. The template will provide a public forum that will allow memorial makers to share their stories, strategies and visions.

New Women's Health and the Environment Website

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At the April 20th Pittsburgh commemoration of Rachel Carson's 100th birthday, the Collaborative on Health and the Environment's (CHE), Women's Health and the Environment working group and the broader Women's Health and the Environment Initiative launched a new website. The new website contains information about the science linking women's health and the environment and ideas for individual, community, state and national-level advocacy aimed at reducing everybody's exposures to contaminants. There is also a toolkit that anyone can download and share for free.

ANEB Quebec

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ANEB Québec is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist people suffering directly or indirectly from an eating disorder.

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