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The fat of the land: do agricultural subsidies foster poor health?

Discusses the possible effects of farm subsidies on unhealthy food produced in the U.S. and argues for more subsidies for fruit and vegetable growers to encourage healthier eating.

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Published: 2004
There is a public health crisis – it’s not fat on the body but fat in the mind and the fat of profits

The author of Fat is a Feminist Issue argues that the way obesity is being framed as a crisis or an epidemic is stigmatizing overweight people and adding dangerously to disordered eating, which is itself a serious public health emergency.

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Published: February 2006
Food insecurity and obesity: understanding the connections

Discusses recent research that shows a higher risk of overweight/obesity among food insecure women than among food insecure men.

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Published: 2011
The relationship between food insecurity and obesity in rural childbearing women

Describes a study in which the authors suggest weight discrimination may be a factor in women getting well-paying jobs.

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Published: Winter 2008
The nutrition transition and obesity

Explains ‘nutrition transition’ – major changes in diet and physical activity – a phenomenon underlying the rising rates of obesity in the developing world.

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The perils of ignoring history: Big Tobacco played dirty and millions died. How similar is Big Food?

Compares how both the tobacco and food industries influence public opinion, legislation and regulation, litigation, and the conduct of science. Argues for better standards that are not regulated by the food industry itself.

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Published: 2009